About us

About Us

Farra Beauty is a world leading beauty company making cosmetic, skincare, fragrances, hair color and styling brands loved by many. As a challenger, we want to positively disrupt the beauty industry we see today. We believe passionately that the beauty of humanity lies in the individuality of people, and is at its best when authentic. We want a more radically inclusive attitude to beauty, that lets people express their beauty, their way. We exist to celebrate and liberate the diversity of your beauty.
We believe the beauty of humanity lies in the individuality of its people; all humans, everyone, everywhere. It’s your individuality that makes a difference. It’s part of what makes the world so beautiful.
We believe beauty is at its best when authentic. Being whoever you choose to be and expressing it with pride is what authenticity is all about – that’s beautiful.
We believe beauty should make you feel happy, never sad. Beauty should be fun, joyful and give you confidence.
We believe beauty has the power to change the world. When people feel beautiful, they push forward; they put that joy out into the world. Just imagine if everyone felt that way every single day; imagine how the world would change.

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